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1 Another Small Rant on 9/8/2010, 3:50 pm


Well, to start off. myself I loved the stick for striking on the Fight Night round 3 game. Just don't get me started on the terrible FN4. Urgh. But yeah, no simple man could play FN3 because it forced the stick online, however I think THQ had the best interest to make strikes the buttons and grappling with the stick and I shall be doing the same on EA MMA. Not because I prefer to mash the buttons for strikes because I hated that on FN4. urgh. But because I can't imagine grappling with 4 buttons. Which is why I am sk/c?eptical on EA MMA, it seems really simple and easy for idiots. I am sick of games being too easy for people to pick up an play nowadays, e.g MW2 (Another rant on the way) Makes my years of hardcore gaming experience amount to fuck all really. Games should be fu****g hard for new gamers so if they are that dedicated they will keep playing and get better. They shouldn't make it easy for new gamers, But hey, I will stil buy it so who cares eh? Razz.

Now the punches. Is it me or do they seem really weak on this game? My god the mount punches look terrible. They barely connect and the knockout animations suck. But I always wanted to have their style of TKO in UFC game. I can NEVER bring myself to TKO on UFC even in ranked. They are terrible. You sit there restrained from hitting for like 2 secs after pounding them in WAITING for the ref to come over and pull you off. They look horrid. but on EA MMA, they go down and your character does like an animation where he jumps all over him and the guy is flailing around trying to defend himself. Looks awesome.

So yeah, another rant courtesy of me. Smile

Have a nice day.


2 Re: Another Small Rant on 9/8/2010, 3:56 pm

No its not just you. The impact from strikes looks ugly to me too. They seem to just touch like 2 ppl play fighting. It may look better once I'm actually playing it tho. Hopefully. Rolling Eyes One thing I dont lik eis there is no ref interaction. What I mean is when there is a KO or sub the ref doesnt physically stop it. A mod on the EA site says there will be ref interation but I still havent seen it in any of the videos. Again, hopefully I'll see that once I get the game. Everything else looks good IMO and I cant wait to get it. Twisted Evil
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