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1 UFC 2010 Rant on 9/8/2010, 2:34 pm


See, here is the problem. I LOVE the gameplay on UFC 2010. I mean, glitches and bugs aside. The gameplay is smooth, the graphics are good and I LOVE how complex the controls are and how hard it is for idiots to play Razz Thus meaning skillful players will advance, But the cheapness on ranked and even people on player matches now. Highlighting a few:

1. Submission switching: This is annoying, I never get tapped to it but even in player matches I have to be aware of it and wait for them to start spinning, but who comes out at the start of a fun player match where your record is not affected with a clinch and then a flying armbar? Razz haha. idiots.

2. The Ground Game: The ground game is terrible compared to 2009. I still dominate. but I am sick of those stupid slaps on the ground and ref stand ups. They cut you and bloody you up no problem. In 2009, jiu jitsu guys were terrfying off their back. now, you can stand up in from a rubber guard which makes that pointless, you can stand up from butterflies, fair enough I guess. but still annoying.

3. Takedowns: They may have taken out the irreversible takedown, but let's face it, struggles are pointless. You get a takedown 99% by struggling. On UFC 2010 it is first to get the takedown now. It is ridiculous. Even if you get punched square in the face on your way down you still get an auto takedown whereas in 2009 you got sprawled. Stupid.

4. Cage Clinching: Ah cage clinching, don't get me started. Too late. Ok, at the games release I liked being Shane Carwin and being the guy I am, I like to use the fighters like they fight in real life, so I pushed Frank Mirs up against the cage and uppercutted their faces. Now, at the time I had no idea how ridiculously overpowered the cage clinches are. Take that and add in people clinching against the fence then pulling you off and back on again when they want to reset the transition count and ref break up, and thus you have a loss. It's also silly to note that this all goes on in a Player match........

The game has become a glitch fest.

Thing about EA MMA is I have seen how AMAZING the online features are and how AMAZINGly dedicated the team are to keep the online fair and stable. I mean, spectating is a feature I wanted in UFC since 2009, yet you can't trust THQ to listen to fans now can you? Online features in EA look amazing but the gameplay looks slow, the collision detection looks bad and the ground game is just A and B? are you serious? haha. But, I probably will get it for fun Smile Who knows. I shall play the demo and we shall see Smile


Feel free to agree or disagree with any of my points. I am open to criticism. XD

M V P.

2 Re: UFC 2010 Rant on 9/8/2010, 3:08 pm

Can't say i really liked UFC 2010, hence my trading it in lol I agree with all the points, online made the game unbearable to me running into super fast hard punching guys.

Honestly i mostly played offline career mode and even it was glitched. Champions wouldn't change even tho Rampage beat Rashad or Machida a million times! Having to spam moves to get your guy even close to decent hence my learning the hard way losing 2 fights to matt hamil and one to bonner when i was previously unbeaten lol

EA looks better although like you've shown it has it's flaws. Online is a major plus and will help league play a lot. We could break down the cards into fight cards and let people spectate maybe have mods to make sure no cheating etc. it has endless possibilities. But gameplay has to improve.

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3 Re: UFC 2010 Rant on 9/8/2010, 3:32 pm


Charles, very good points.

The career was stupid. It put you up against Frank Mir at like level 30 stats Razz
And you know a game is bad if the offline is bloody glitched.

Your points about EA MMA are also very good. Spectating in fights will help mods and overseers weed out the cheaters and the sore losers. Whilst spectating in tournemants will give fighters a look at how their opponent will fight, but the gameplay needs to improve, BADLY!

4 Re: UFC 2010 Rant on 9/8/2010, 4:01 pm

and thats why it got traded in. Razz
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5 Re: UFC 2010 Rant on 9/8/2010, 6:21 pm

I agree with all of that. I haven't traded mine in yet. I'm just keeping it around just to get my MMA fix. But once EA MMA drops, that game will be so far out my collection Chuck Norris won't know what hit him.


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6 Re: UFC 2010 Rant on 9/8/2010, 6:42 pm


Amen ip0nder, Amen.

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