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1 UFC 2010 League's Accomplishments on 9/5/2010, 10:14 pm

CAGFC WW/HW Champion(Undefeated 14-0)
OFC K-1 Contendor(Stefan Struve 6-4)
UFF Joined to late.

And OMMA first EA MMA HW Champion of the future. XD
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Ufc 2010 is such a broken game I don't even find it worth competing in. I'm just going to wait for EA MMA.


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Nice Accomplishments man, never heard of CAG tho. I feel you iponder, i actually traded my game in like back in July i think maybe even june lol I hate that game, to the fullest. Good accomplishments tho man, bring some of that luck over to OMMA lol i'm sure that HW division gonna be stacked so bring the guns

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