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This is pretty awesome and they're all associated with audio. Very Happy Here is a quote form EA dev Rocky.

"It was confirmed by our creative director at E3, so I've decided to share it with the rest of you. It's possible to choose a first name, last name, and nickname for your created fighter.

As of today, we have 475+ first names, 550+ last names, and 200+ nicknames with associated audio.

Yes, some of those names were included because of this thread"
Very Happy

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That sounds pretty damn good. Cant wait to see what kind of nicknames they have. I hope they have some goods ones.
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wow just another example why ea owns the gaming world. something this small makes such a huge difference in the originality and overall feel of this game. now we won't have fighters with repeated same nicknames and last names like in ufc10
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well I got 2 first names I normally dont use my real name.
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Thats just AWESOME...
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