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Things of note:

full posture stance from UFC 09
GnP is more fluid than Undisputed
ground transition animations are blended together MUCH better than Undisputed
sidestepping is more fluid and more connected to the standup
knees from half guard
pummeling is more fluid
COMBOS!!! That R uppercut, L hook, R hook combo Werdum used was sick! Cant do that in Undisputed.
Follow up shot to a fallen fighter into mount
power punches actually make your opponent stumble. In Undisputed only the heads move and they walk thru shots.
RNC's are defended PROPERLY!!!
facial damage looks more realistic

You have to be a real THQ fanboy to hate on this game. THQ had 2 cracks at it and still couldnt get it right.
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Nice vid man, I saw it Saturday but always good to look back at it. Seems that EA might have been holding back on us.

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