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Pretty much told us some stuff we already knew. Nice to see Alistar and Lashley tho. Game keeps improving, but these next few months gonna be crucial for them.

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Yeah idk games looking 50/50. ea isnt the company it used to be in my mind. its games lately have been slacking... their reamping the entire nba live francise because it was doing so terrible compared to the 2k series. I believe madden last year was a little weak, and obviously until lately its medal of honor company was dead until it just signed some developers from the call of duty team to help spark them back into place.

Where im going with this is ea isnt the powerhouse it was for the ps2, xbox consoles. Other companies have been taking games and just flat out making a better product than ea can put out. So this will be crucial for ea, I mean there already sitting in shits creek with this roster, thq and ufc has obviously taken every great fighter in the world, leaving ea with no names, ufc outcast, and rookies you could say in the mma world ( Fedor, Henderson, Lashley, Couture, King Mo, Shields, Overeem. The only way Ea can pull this off is if the gameplay and career mode just blow undisputed out of the water.

The gameplay needs to be better then just a one button mode. timing needs to be as perfect as thier saying, fights need to be 100 percent unique and different every time. Undisputed is very repetitive in gameplay and boring at times. Ea needs to have 10 second flash ko's to brutal ground and pound tko's to blood wars going the 3 round distance with back and forth battles. Ea can win the battle with gameplay but they will win the war with career mode, and looking at thier past games ea always puts out great career modes. so we will see, they have a huge chance here to blow undisputed out of the game, the release date of this game and timing is perfect lets see what they do
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^ ^
I agree but as far as this league, all that matters is their CAF mode and gameplay. If those 2 are on point this league will be awesome.
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yeah bro im hyped now! ea ALWAYS puts out great caf modes. Gameplay cant be as BS and bad as undisputed the league will work!
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