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1 All EA MMA videos on 6/3/2010, 1:20 pm

looks pretty good except in the josh barnett fight with fedor the ground punches looked weak and seemed not to land no where at times. The King Mo vs. Dan Hendo fight looked better especially when dan henderson was swinging pretty fast and no slow like most vids lol. Good read guys, enjoy.


live from the e3 floor!

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2 Re: All EA MMA videos on 6/3/2010, 3:00 pm

The graphics and presentation look sweet and so does the grappling. They need to speed it up more tho. Its still looks too slow and yeah the GnP still looks soft. The more I see the striking the more I absolutely hate the FNR4 engine. Every punch looks like touch punches with a screen shake. Man the hell with that. The striking in this game wouldve looked MUCH better with the FNR3 engine. I couldnt tell what was going on when Mo won the last time but seeing Dan flop over all of a sudden didnt look right. Overall it looks pretty good tho.

EDIT: Here are some more vids I found.

Another on Gamespot Shocked
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