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1 How leagues work on 4/20/2016, 5:11 pm



~ You must first register into a league to officially be on the roster.

~ Registering also provides us with necessary information for your profile.


* Sign up to fight

~ Every card has a signup. They open on Sunday's and remain open for the duration of the card.

~ We don't just match you up as you may already have plans resulting in a no show so we need to know you're available.

~ Signups also provide us with other necessary information that better help with matchmaking.

* Receive your opponent

~ You will recieve your opponent via Xbox Live private message from a league president.

~ You then have until the following Saturday to contact your opponent and set up a time to fight.

* Fight and Report

~ Fight and report your results to the that leagues' president via Xbox Live private message.

~ You MUST prove your win so include a clip of the ending AND a screenshot of the results screen with your report.

~ Video is highly recommended so if you can twitch or record your fight PLEASE do.

Any questions or issues contact the president of the league you're in or post in the Help Desk.

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