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1 Fight Night Round 4 on 7/9/2009, 6:55 pm

Full Roster

Amin Asikainen
Anthony Mundine
Arthur Abraham
Arturo Gatti
Billy Dib
Carlos Monzon
Corey Spinks
Diego Corrales
Eddie Chambers
Edwim Valero
Emanuel Agustus
Erik Morales
Fernando Montiel
George Foreman
Jake Lamotta
James Toney
Jermaine Taylor
Joe Calzaghe
Joe Frazier
Jorge Armando Arce
Julio Caesar Chavez
Kelly Pavlik
Kermit Cinteron
Lennox Lewis
Manny Pacquiao
Marco Antonio Barrera
Marvin Hagler
Miguel Cotto
Mike Tyson
Muhammad Ali
Nate Campbell
Nonito Donair
Paulie Malignaggi
Pernell Whittaker
Ray Leonard
Ray Robinson
Ricky Hatton
Roberto Duran
Roberto Guerrero
Ronald "Winky" Wright
Roy Jones Jr.
Sergio Mora
Shane Mosely
Thomas Hearns
Tommy Morrison
Victor Ortiz
Vinny Paz
Vivian Harris
Yuriorkis Gamboa


This is a solid game. I like R3 better but this game is still very good. I dont play it as much as I do UFC but when I do I always have fun. Especially online. I'm not that good at it tho. TPC is a task to get use to. I hear they are bringing back the buttons in a patch. If so then that'll sure make things easier for me. lol Thoughts?
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2 Re: Fight Night Round 4 on 7/10/2009, 3:04 pm

i tested out the demo and didn't care for it. I'd rather play UFC where i get more than just a boxing experience.
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3 Re: Fight Night Round 4 on 7/17/2009, 5:46 pm

Personally I really like Fight Night 4. The Legacy mode is sweet, I havent had nearly as much lag as I used to experience online with FN3. I also like the way you can use footwork to take on your opponent on the inside.

Im not really keen on the emphasis the game brings to counter punching, but its something that may grow on me.

Dont get me wrong I love UFC undisputed but I reckon theres room for both games to thrive.
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4 Re: Fight Night Round 4 on 7/18/2009, 7:34 pm

I'm on the same page as L3thal 1nt3nt. The fight night series has always been solid but boxing is a dead sport. People want so much more than just throwing punches. That's why the UFC took off like it did. Not to say that FN4 is a bad game it's just that Undisputed gives the people more satisfaction than boxing.

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5 Re: Fight Night Round 4 on 7/20/2009, 7:33 pm

Professional boxing is a dead or dying sport, but surely theres no doubt how effective the sweet science is as an art. Thats why so many MMA fighters have boxing backgrounds.
I agree that UFC is the future but Boxing will always have its fans as will Muay Thai and Judo and Wrestling but we may have seen the last of the Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Ali glory days of yesteryear.
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6 Re: Fight Night Round 4 on 7/20/2009, 7:52 pm

Boxing is a old generation sport. Unless a group of new fighters can come in a really turn some heads the sport is going to all but vanish from the public eye. Boxing really ought to get off of pay per view and start to generate some interest. The fights are often great to watch, but the UFC has so much more to offer. The number of styles as well as increased number of strategies is proving to be too much for the sport boxing to match.
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7 Re: Fight Night Round 4 on 2/5/2010, 8:47 pm

Ricky Pena wrote:i tested out the demo and didn't care for it. I'd rather play UFC where i get more than just a boxing experience.

I agree , but I did find my self running back to FN until they patched up Undisputed earlier this year.
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