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1 News: missing reporter on 11/20/2014, 11:43 am

Its been over a month since Om-maniac has reported on the fighters and their climb to stardom or others in their fall and road to recovery.

It has been reported that this missing reporter could be due to foul play.
Possible reasons are unknown and the fighters and omma have been quiet on the matter.

"We just want our reporter back and safe" stated a OMMA spokes person.  
"We don't know what happened to him,  he just vanished.  The fighters don't have a person to represent without him."

A previous retired fighter spoke up;
Devin Payne: "This is Droges management here ya know.. . and he handles the reporter as well bitches..  prob hanging out for dirty hookers and dirty sluts in my opinion...  actually I should be there TOOO..

We can only hope that the reporter will be found safe and sound and continue his work.  After all he is on the omma pay roll.

-- sorry guys be back

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

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