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iOMMA: "This just in,  iOMMA is getting an interview with the new WW champ, Andre Galvao on recent win for the belt against a tough competitor Matt Brown.

We find out his thoughts on the grueling fight against the tough striking Matt brown that was also undefeated going into this fight.

We try to dig deep to find out what was going through this 31year olds mind during the fight round for round as he puts constant pressure on his challenger alll the while showing he has heart and a tough chin in the process.

Who is his next opponent and is he calling anyone out?

Find out here for the latest on Andre Galvao and his rise to be the Newest WW Champ of UC!!!!!"

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Interview with the new WW champ (UC 40) Smma10
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2Interview with the new WW champ (UC 40) Empty Andre Galvao WW Champ!! on 9/5/2014, 12:08 pm

iOMMA: "As promised, iOMMA is here with Andre Galvao on his latest win and more importantly, a win the WW UC championship belt.

Andre Galvao at the age of 31, has down his home town of Rio De Janerio, Brazil proud.  He has come into OMMA UC fight league and won the WW belt with a record of 3-0

Galvao: "It has been a dream of mine, I am so grateful,  I am so happy, Thank you Brazil!"

iOMMA: "Lets get to your night 2weeks ago, the night you won the WW belt, tells your thoughts on it and what was going through your mind during the night you became CHAMP against Matt Brown.

You go out and appear to take him down at will.  Having a very strong ground game and submission background, was that your game plan?
We know Matt likes to bang, were you worried about his striking?

Galvao: "My gameplan was to play my game not his. He no respect my Jiuu Jitsuu, I make him hespect!"

iOMMA: "Near the end of round one he was laying a lot of punches and kicks at you and in the last
second even rocked you, were you worried or concerned of this continued in this manner in round2?

Galvao: "He hit hard, but not hard enough.

ME and my team, we train hard for de fight. We prepare for dis style"

iOMMA: "Round2 begins and brown did come out striking and landing but you remain constant with your take downs. A beauty of a double leg at one point. But Brown is able to keep busy and doesn't take to much damage from you. Were you surprise at how defensive he was on the ground, always getting back to his feet? "

Galvao: "I been working my wrestling, my wrestling was good that night, my Jiu Jitsu no so mush"

iOMMA: "Brown lands punches in bunches even after your take downs, he then lands a take down of his own and busts you open with a hammer fist. At this point near the end of round2, are you concerned at all on how the direction of the fight is going? "

Galvao: " It was attempt out of desperation for him. He had gameplan to KO me, it wasn't working out so he decide to take me down. I stuck with my gameplan and won."

iOMMA: "Going into Round3 you put on a take down clinic on poor Brown, you must have had 6 or more take downs in that round.  
Could you feel Brown getting frustrated about constantly being put on his back and likewise, were you frustrated that you couldn't really hold him down and land any damage? At one point he even gave you his back.

Galvao: " If he was frustrated,I don't know . It was a bit frustrating but that is part of the sport."

iOMMA: "Brown lands full mount at on point though and rains some punches down, for a skilled BJJ practitioner, that must of surprised you? "

Galvao: " It was unexpected, but me and my team, we train for situations like dees"

iOMMA: "At the end of round 3, you had blood in your eyes, was seeing a problem for you at all? "

Galvao: "No"

iOMMA: "At the beginning of round4, Brown attempts to touch gloves, this is the first WW title fight and to go to round4 at that, is there any reason you didn't want to touch gloves? Bad blood between you too? "

Galvao: "He no hespect me, why touch gloves if he no hespect me before fight? He is good fighter but not good sportsman"

iOMMA: "round4 really shows the clash of styles. You wanted the fight on the ground and Brown wanted to keep it standing.
He really laid into you and whether it was desperation, frustration or the all or nothing attitude, he throw everything at you.  Spin kicks, knees, cartwheel kicks. Were you surprised by his energy level at this point in the fight?

Galvao: "Yes, it was tough fight.  But At end of day his attempts were in vain."

iOMMA: "in round5 you landed a picture perfect slam to begin the round, that must have felt good. Could you hear the fans cheering at all at this point or do you block out that noise? "

Galvao: "I block out, When I in cage, I have job to do, that's it."

iOMMA: "Round5 was all you and you appeared to be faster on your feet then the rest of the rounds. Care to mention anything about your cardio training?"

Galvao: "I consider my cardio good, but I think he know he have to knock me ow to win and gas himself in de 4th round."

iOMMA: "take down after take down you have your way with Brown.. at this point did you feel you had this
fight in the bag?

Galvao: "You never have fight in bag until you win."

iOMMA: " Would you fight Brown again or do you feel you proved your point?  "

Galvao: "Yes, I fight anyone OMMA want me too, that is what we do."

iOMMA: " You had a spectular fight and you sent a clear message to all the other challengers, if they fight you prepare to be on the mat at some point. You rolled a submission attempt after submission attempt in round5 so opponents will have to watch out for that.

Want to call anyone out, any comments, thanks to anyone.

Galvao: "I love Jiu Jitsu! I love Brasil! Thank you OMMA for de opportunity!."

iOMMA: "Thankyou Mr Galvao for this opportunity and we are looking forward to seeing you again in your title defense.  "

Andre Galvao history:

Matt Brown unanimous Decision UC 40 "Galvao vs Brown" UD FOTN
Swaggy Slim 2nd Submission UC "Night of Fights" 1 View *submission SOTN
UC 37 Win against Thomas Tucka FOTN

Interview with the new WW champ (UC 40) AndreGalvao1_zps0f02ac52


Interview with the new WW champ (UC 40) Uc_bel11

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

Interview with the new WW champ (UC 40) Smma10
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