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1UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary Empty UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary on 8/18/2014, 11:08 pm

UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary

UC35 had brought in some great fights that cemented OMMA as the place to be if you are a fighter wanting to make a name for yourself.

UC 35 "Road to Glory" recap goes like this;

FW Jose Aldo vs Zach Hunter  
- Zach Hunter via 3rd Round Submission SOTN

Both man come out displaying great streaking skills.
Zach hunter demonstrates his ring awareness a few times with stepping off the cage and landing a kick to Aldo at one point.
    The round is very close and these feather weights show off impressive skills but it is the huge take down at the end of round one for Hunter that may have got him this round.
He capitalizes with a few punches and elbows that cuts Aldo above the left eye.
   Aldo is able to get to his feet but Hunter smells blood and lands a flying knee and a hard body shoot that ends the round with Aldo hurt.


If Aldo was hurt, he didn't show it at the beginning of round2 with his hard kicks that land clean in to hunter's face.
   It is at this point that we notice that the rib shoots and kicks from Hunter have taken their toll on Aldo.  Numerous times we see him hold his rib from the shots and we wonder if 1 or two are broken.
   Hunter keeps the pressure up and lands another huge take down. He really opens Aldo up with some ground and pound. Blood splatters the mat but Aldo keeps his composure and lands a reversal to rain down some hammer fist on Hunter.
   They both go back and forth with reversals to get top control.  

The display shows the fans why the feather weights are so exciting to watch.

Round 3:

Hunter is the man in round 3 as he pours on the pressure and displays his great ground skills.
Aldo is no slouch but whether it was his rib injury or he just plain rain out of gas,  Hunter puts him to sleep in a crazy leg lock that gives him a well deserved victory along with a huge following
of fans.

HW#13 Mr Big Hardhatz vs #14 Sean Walker  
- Mr Big Hardhatz via 1st Round KO

Big Hardhatz  with a crazy overhand right nearly destroys Sean Walker early in the round but the smaller quicker, Walker is able to keep his wits about him and stay in the game.
He is able to withstand two takedowns and having the beast, Hardhatz ran down some heavy hands in Round1.

Unfortunately for Walker,  Mr Big Hardhatz,  lives up to what his name implies and he lands a crumpling spin kick to Walkers jaw that shuts his lights out to end the fight in round 1 with 17seconds to go.

Lets not piss off Mr Big Hardhatz.

HW #11 Zhane Hamilton vs King Steven  
- Zhane Hamilton via 1st Round KO

If beards could win alone,  King Steven would have this fight hands down. But he is taken on a veteran of Zhane hamilton in  a mma fight so he will need more then a beard
to win.

Steven, nearly stops Hamilton early with a super man punch to the back of Hamilton's head as he bent down to throw a body punch it would appear.  Luckily Hamilton was given time to shake the cobwebs and return to his feat without any other damage done.
   It is Zhane's turn to lay some damage though, and damage he does.  No beard can save the right and left hooks that Hamilton rips on Steven, not even Steven's beard.   He crumples and Zhane follows up with more punches to the ground.  A late stoppage and unneeded extra punches are what Steven's is awarded
with for his debut.

As fan's that know Hamilton, he is one bad mofo.

MW #5 Anderson Silva vs #15 Justin Johnston  
- Anderson Silva via 3rd Round KO

This fight was catered to striking fans.  Both fighters were game and Justin Johnston displayed an impressive arsenal of kicks. It was still Anderson Silva, however, rocking and knocking Johnston down a few times in round1.

Round 2 was more of the same, Johnston trying to let his feet fly with his stylish kicks but Silva catching the openings he leaves.  At the end of the round, Silva, leaves his opponent tired and hurt.

Silva catches Johnston for the last time, this time with a stiff left hook.  Its lights out for Johnston but I am sure we will see him and his kicks again.  As for Anderson, he is now 1-1.

MW #4 Timothy Cooper vs #12 Raymond Walker  
- Raymond Walker via Unanimous Decission

Round1 we have Timothy Cooper with the crazy overhand haymakers but couldn't quite find the range.
Walker returns with his own weapon in the form of high head kicks.  These guys were very even with their striking, then out of the blue comes Cooper with the single leg to a massive suplex that left Walker very dazed.  Fans will be talking about that take down for a very long time.
   Despite the punches Cooper followed up with,  Walker is able to recover, reveres and land some heavy hammer punches.
   Cooper shakes him off in the last few seconds of the round.

Round2 we see Walker come out with crisp punches that land nearly at will on Walker. They both try take downs but neither have none of that and the fight remains on the feet.

With 2minutes left,  Cooper lands his single leg to massive suplex on Walker again.  He gets full mount immediate but Walker with his wits about him still, kicks him off and the fight is back to a standing war.    Only for a short time, that is because Walker decides to return Cooper's medicine in the form of a massive suplex of his own.

Cooper shakes it off after eating a few punches.  Then as some side show WWE match, returns yet another tech book supplex on

Cooper gets full mount and opens the cut above Walkers left eye even more from when he got it round1.  Walker attempts a submission but is not successful.  Instead gets the reversal lands a few short punches but just like round2,  Cooper shakes him off and the round ends with them standing.

Much like the beginning of round 2,  Walker comes out with crisp striking and Cooper stopping him with what we now call the Cooper-plex.  He loses position though and Walker reverses and they end up back to  their feet.
   The striking continues with Cooper putting his all into his punches and Walker just as game to return them.

The fight ends with another cooper-plex but both back to their feet, both bloodied up.
   The fans really showed their appreciation to them as they cheered them on in this very close fight.

In the end,  it was Raymond Walker with his hand raised.  Cooper-plex's couldn't hold him back and the volume of clean punches is what gave him the win with these Judges.

Fans are already asking for Raymond Walker Vs Timothy Cooper 2. I am sure both would be happy to give the fans that.

#1 Jon Jones vs Steven Oliver  
-  Jon Jones via Unanimous Decision FOTN

Round 1 has these guys banging on each other for 5 minutes.  One thing that we notice is for a big man, Steven Oliver is agile and quick.  Twice he trips Jones to the mat by kicking his legs out.  His repeated knees and even flying knees got the attention of the fans and more importantly, Mr. Jones.

Round 2 we have Jones putting his punches together and landing on Oliver.  Oliver is no slouch though and lands a suplex along  with some very hard body shoots with punches and kicks
that has Jones gasp for air a few times.


We see Oliver land a beautiful take down from the tai clinch but is unable to capitilize.
   This round is made up of Jones getting the Muay tai clinch and feeding him knees.  Oliver is still very dangerous but unfortunately it is not enough and Jones wins an unanimous decession.

Other matches;

LHW #7 Hardcore Hardhatz vs #9 Brodie Martin  
- Hardcore Hardhatz via 3rd Round KO

HW #9  Anthony Owens vs Wladimir Putzski  
- Anthony Owens via 1st Round KO


MW #13  Chris Hardhatz vs Kevin Dellolio  
- No Contest

WW Steven Downs vs Charles Sherman  
- No Contest

MW Justin Bullard vs Paul Collins  
-Paul Collins via 1st Round KO KOTN

UC 35 "Road To Glory" has the road laid out,  who is going to take it to the end? Fans are eager for more.

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary Smma10
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2UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary Empty Re: UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary on 8/18/2014, 11:31 pm

Good Stuff Man!


UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary F3AREDxTEMP
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3UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary Empty Re: UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary on 8/19/2014, 1:11 pm

Thanks Zhane,
I am not liking my format but I will get there.

Great fights but I may have gave
Timothy Cooper vs Raymond Walker the nod for FOTN.

Jon Jones vs Steven Oliver, was a, great super close fight, so tough call indeed.


OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary Smma10
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4UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary Empty Re: UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary on 8/19/2014, 5:54 pm

Great coverage and good breakdown of the fights. Only thing, The Hunter Aldo fight that ended in an Inverted Triangle, a leg lock is considered a kneebar,ankle lock or toe hold. Not bashing because you broke down the fights with great depth, just explaining what submission it was
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5UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary Empty Re: UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary on 8/19/2014, 5:59 pm

thanks man, no offense taken.
I don't know the submissions that well. but ya definitely wasn't a leg lock.. lol

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

UC 35 "Road To Glory" Summary Smma10
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