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28 Ways To Score A Tapout (Submission Guide) UFC_tips_and_tricks_submission_blogheader_656x369

Positions and the Available Submissions
Back Mount - Rear Naked Choke, Armbar
Back Side Mount - Kneebar
Crucifix - Armbar
Full Mount - Armbar, Gogoplata, Triangle Armbar
Guard (Dominant) - Heel Hook
Guard (Submissive) - Guillotine, Armbar, Omoplata, Triangle
Half Guard (Dominant) - Arm Triangle, Kneebar
Half Guard (Submissive) - Twister, Kimura from Half Guard
North South - Windshield Wiper
Rubber Guard - Gogoplata, Armbar
Side Control (Dominant) - Kimura, Inverted Triangle
Side Control (Submissive) - D'Arce Choke
Side Saddle - Arm Triangle
Sprawl - Japanese Necktie, Peruvian Necktie, Anaconda
Stacked Guard - Heel Hook, Kneebar

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No triangle from rubber guard? I'm disappointed

"You talk too much, things will happen..." - Anderson Silva
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