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Since the NDA has been lifted I expect a lot of articles,  interviews and videos to start popping up.  I'll add them as soon as I run across them for those who are interested.  If any of you guys find something before me please post it.  This thread is not for discussion.  Its just an info hub so if you want to discuss an individual article or video then please post it in its own thread.  Thanks.

Hands On by Paakaa10 at
Hands On by Corey Andress at
PSLS Interviews: EA Sports UFC — Online Multiplayer, Finding Gameplay Balance and More
Parry Me This - Hands-On with EA Sports UFC and What's Currently Breaking the Game
Kotaku - The Numbers Game - A Hands on with EA Sports UFC
NZ Gamer - Into the Octagon with Jazz Brousseau
Fox Sports - EA Sports scores unanimous decision, not a KO with first UFC game
Sportsfan Playground - EA UFC Preview
Wrestling Games UFC Hands-on (German)
EA Sports UFC - (German)
Forhandstitt EA Sports UFC (Swedish)
Gamer-Gen EA Sports UFC (French)
CVG EA Sports UFC - EA Sports Pulls No Punches
God is a Geek - EA UFC Preview
Telegraph UK - EA Sports UFC
VG247 EA Sports UFC Preview - Blood on the Mat Blood on my Hands.
Game Informer - EA Sports UFC

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Great thread K!lla, I just wish more gameplay was available. I think the Hendo v. Cormier video shows why EA made this game an easy pickup if you will. I know most want a straight sim experience, but as you can see that couple had the hugest grin on their face and could care less about a sim experience, they played, albeit cringeworthy, the way most will play and that's just getting in there to knock somebody out.

Psalms 144:1  Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle;
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