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I was just wondering if you have to sign for a league right now or could i maybe have a few days playing on EA UFC, getting to grips with everything before joining a league?
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Welcome to OMMA man.  No you don't have to sign up right now.  Events wont start until maybe 2 weeks after release so ppl not only have time to learn the game but go thru career and make their CAFs.

If you plan on making someone famous or a UFC fighter as your CAF then I'd suggest at least registering him to a weightclass now so the name is claimed then come back after you have made him to update his stats.
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Thanks for the reply bro, and thanks for the warm welcome i really love what you guys are doing here Smile, also another quick question would it be okay for me to record my fights and upload them to my youtube channel? I have my own PVR and all that good stuff, just wondering if it would be okay.
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