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1 Proving your CAF is not glitched on 3/15/2012, 3:35 pm

Since we are once again plagued with the glitch CAF problem we must take specific measures to enure fair play here. It has been mentioned that THQ is currently working on a patch to solve this issue. It is not known when the patch will be released so until then this is how we must do things. 1st, no instant boosted CAFs. All fighters must be taken through career. 2nd, you must prove your fighter is not glitched. Here are ways to do that.

Option 1) Provide a picture of the fighter select screen - Fighters that are taken through career earn icons that appear above their rating on the fighter select screen like in the pic below.

As you can see, Jamal Dixon has 2 icons above his rating. Instant CAFs dont have these so please take a picture of the fghter select screen when you are about to fight and provide it when you report the results to prove your CAF is legit.

Note 1: If you do not provide the picture your fights will be ruled a No Contest. If you take a picture of your legit CAF then switched to a glitched CAF you will be banned from the site indefinately. If someone switches I suggest you not fight them! If you do you lose the right to complain nless of course you have proof.

Note 2: You cannot edit your fighters after you retire them or you will lose the career icons. To get around this you must NOT retire your fighters. Instead, stop after your 47th fight, finish the remaining actions and then save. That way when you want to edit your fighter you just load career>edit>save>quit and you avoid the glitch.

Option 2) Record your fights - This option also proves the legitimacy of your opponent's CAF so if you record please provide the video if you lose.

Option 3) Take a roster fighter through career - If you cant record or take a picture then this is your only other option. Roster fighters can't be glitched so this is the surest and less complicated option. Roster fighters are chosen on a "1st come 1st serve" basis so if you want to use a roster fighter then choose now. Only 3 roster fighters per member (2 for the UC and 1 for POW). See what fighters are already taken here.

If you have any questions post them in the Help Desk.
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