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1 Leveling moves. on 3/13/2012, 6:48 am


I've been running some tests and heres what i've come up with on how you should level your moves.

Strikes:All strikes should be no higher than 2 the damage rate hardly increases from 2 to 3, but the damage increase is a lot from 1 to 2 so you'll want your more used strikes at level 2 for sure.

Takedowns:For this its based on what your stats are for takedowns say you get the jumping double or the leg sweep single. If your tdo is 60-70 to ensure a good ratio(shine matters a lot to of course) you want it on level 3. If you have 75-85 you should probly have it at level 2 and higher than 85 tdo you don't really need any special takedown tbh.

Trips/Throws from the clinch:It all depends on position lets say your in over/under or single collar tie which are neutral position you'll probably want your trips/throws(if you have 1)to be level 2. Now the rest should be commen sense when you have underhooks or a bodylock or any other dominant clinch position you only need level 1 and if the guy your fighting has you in a dominant position you want level 3s. Level 2 would be fine if your timing's good.Note that the level of the throw increases the damage it does.

Transitions/Sweeps:Its pretty much the same as trips and throws expect their harder to get depending on where you start and where they take you. For example side control to mount postured up is easier to get so it should be a lower level than half guard postured up to mount up. Another example is the sweep from half guard bottom up to side control is harder to preform than the half guard up bottom sweep to halfguard up top. So use your judgement on how you level those based on that.

Subs:If you use subs I highly recommend making your most used ones level 3s. If your confident in your subs against other users than level 2 is alright.

For clinch striking and slams I haven't tested them but I would assume slams work the same as throws and clinch strikes work like standing strikes.

P.S. I only level my strikes and subs this is just for people that don't know what they should level a certain move to. I don't encourage anyone to level even close to all their moves.

2 Re: Leveling moves. on 3/13/2012, 2:59 pm

I agree with most of it.

My guidelines are similar

-Never pick a move below lvl1, it's not worth using unless it's 2 or above, especially the high stamina strikes. The only way I can justify lvl1 moves is if your guy is a 95 or above in that stat.

-If you are leveling up a sub, make it lvl3. Subs are all or nothing moves and you want to finish when you lock on one.

-Lvl3 strikes seem to have a higher chance of rocking or KOing opponents even though the damage increase isn't as high. Granted I haven't tested this out completely but that's what it feels like in career mode when I level them (usually in the beginning before I level up stats)

-It's a good idea to bank up on moves in the first 15 fights before you pick a camp, try to pick transitions and moves that are outside of the camp you are going to pick.

-Try to get the amount of moves you are comfortable with. Some people like having 30 moves while others prefer a few go to moves. If you prefer having a wide range of moves then you should be able to pull off around 20-30 lvl2 moves in career but if you want a few powerful moves then aim for 10-15 lvl3, you can also mix and match as you see fit.

-I tend to get moves that are my highest stats. My logic is once a stat gets close to 90, it starts to only get marginally better with training. Learning a new move on my high stat gets more out of it. You could also use high level moves on your weak stats like trips and throws from the clinch if your clinching game isn't good and you want a way out of it.

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3 Re: Leveling moves. on 3/13/2012, 5:05 pm

Yeah I had a theory that the higher the stat the less you'll need to lvl up or it will be overkill. This pretty much comfirms it. All my strikes are lvl 2's since my striking is in the mid 90's and my sweeps are lvl 3's since my ground bottom is in the 80's. Good to know I had the right thought. Very Happy
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