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1UFC 140 Jones vs Machida parlay Empty UFC 140 Jones vs Machida parlay on 12/8/2011, 9:32 pm

Jon Jones 14-1 vs Lyoto Machida 17-2
Frank Mir 15-5 vs Big Nog 33-6
Tito Ortiz 17-9 vs Little Nog 19-5
Claude Patrick 14-1 vs Brian Ebersole 48-14
Mark Hominick 20-9 vs Chan Sung Jung 11-3
Krzysztof Soszynski 22-12 vs Igor Pokrajac 23-8
Jared Hamman 13-3 vs Constantinos Philippou 8-2
John Makdessi 8-0 vs Dennis Hallman 65-14
Yves Jabouin 16-7 vs Walel Watson 9-2
Mark Bocek 9-4 vs Nick Lentz 23-3
Rich Anttonito 10-4 vs Jake Hecht 10-2
Mitch Clarke 9-0 vs Jonh Cholish 7-1

Pick a number between 1-100: (incase of a tie)

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2UFC 140 Jones vs Machida parlay Empty Re: UFC 140 Jones vs Machida parlay on 12/9/2011, 10:42 am

Main Card

Jon Jones dec
Frank Mir rnd 3 tko/ko
Tito Ortiz dec
Brian ebersole rnd 1 sub
Mark Hominick dec

Under Card

Krzysztof Soszynski sub rnd 3
Jared Hamman dec
Dennis Hallman dec
Walel Watson r2 tko/ko
Mark Bocek dec
Jake Hecht dec
John Cholish rnd 1 sub


ILL COME BACK WITH A vengeance >.<
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3UFC 140 Jones vs Machida parlay Empty Re: UFC 140 Jones vs Machida parlay on 12/9/2011, 8:27 pm

Jon Jones 3rd round TKO
Frank Mir 2nd round TKO
Little Nog 2nd round TKO
Brian Ebersole 1st round sub
Mark Hominick 1st round KO
Krzysztof Soszynski 2nd round sub
Jared Hamman 3rd round UD
Dennis Hallman 3rd round UD
Yves Jabouin 1st round KO
Mark Bocek 2nd round TKO
Jake Hecht 3rd round UD
Mitch Clarke 9-0 1st round KO

Pick a number between 1-100: I lose the tie by default
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Jones via 2nd rnd sub
Mir via 1st rnd sub
Little Nog via 1st rnd TKO
Ebersole via rnd 3 split decision
Sung Jung via 1st rnd TKO
Pokrajac via 1st rnd TKO
Philippou via 1st rnd TKO
Hallman via 1st rnd sub
Jabouin via 3rd rnd split decision
Bocek via 3rd rnd unanimous decision
Hecht via 2nd rnd TKO
Cholish via 2nd rnd TKO

Winner: K!LLA B33
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