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1 Sorry guys that i dont show! on 11/19/2011, 12:45 pm

Im really sorry. Im not done with OMMA. The reason ive been not showing up its because recently my niece (shes 3) had a seizure and ive been watching her like 24/7. My parents usually work ALL day and my older bro works at night.. So when i come back from skool i have to watch her and yesterday i thought my mom was not going to go to work yesterday but she HAD to. So i couldnt play.. But for now is there a chance i can fight on Saturday before bushido? That would work really well.

Michael Ortiz: (former 2 time FF MW champion) UC MW
Alistair Overeem: UC HW
Diego Sanchez: UC WW
Michael Perez: Bushido LHW
Donald Cerrone: Bushido LW
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2 Re: Sorry guys that i dont show! on 11/19/2011, 5:16 pm

Its ok. Family is more important than a game. As for doing your UC fights on saturday I'm going to say no. If you can fight on saturday then just sign up for the bushido cards.
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