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1 I tired of lagg bye omma. on 11/11/2011, 9:22 pm

Cesar Cyborg wrote:Fighter: Tony Montana
Gamertag: Can Huntin
Time Zone: estrn
Who you'd like to fight: Local East Coast fighter.
Can you make the Live Broadcast: yes.
*There was 1, new guy.

I cant connect to England or past gmt i lagg terrible, something in my internet providor, my controller goes 1-2 seconds behind and i can controll shit. Im just gonna go to the uoc or uff.... im trying to basically re-learn the game and it doesnt help if i cant see what im doing....... I've been here since the beginning is it so hard to get 1 guy from the states.......

I dont want to be that asshole but wtf...... I honestly dont care anymore not gonna sign up if im only to lose with not chance via lagg.
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2 Re: I tired of lagg bye omma. on 11/25/2011, 7:26 pm

You have 1 laggy fight. Dont act like the league has been giving you nothing but laggy fights. I'm from the states. So is greg stuna and damn near everyone else you fought here. You're always quittin man. You're suppose to say something in the beggining of the fight if its too laggy. You cant wait until you lose. You think going to another league will make the connection better? lol Good luck with that.
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