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1 Quality and sound on the videos on 11/5/2011, 12:36 pm

Hey im pretty sure you are already aware of this, but i figured id post something about it anyways
I am just wondering why there is no sound on any of the videos and wht kind of PVR you use to capture the fights
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2 Re: Quality and sound on the videos on 11/5/2011, 3:22 pm

I'll let K!LLA B33 answer this one since he is the one who does the stream. I can say that only a few of the videos have no sound. Regardless, I am very appreciative of the time and effort he has given us so I can totally overlook the quality. Thanks K!LLA B33. Wink
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3 Re: Quality and sound on the videos on 11/5/2011, 5:10 pm

Great 1st post. Razz Seriously, there is sound on all of the videos except the latest events bcuz I didnt have the right audio input checked on my stream ap and didnt realize it until last night ( sorry guys Embarassed ) Its all good now tho.

I use a dazzle to capture. We had a different stream guy awhile ago who had excellent quality vids but he is a boxer and had to go into training so I did what I could to keep things going. Unfortunately he never came back. No
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4 Re: Quality and sound on the videos on 11/5/2011, 11:20 pm

ok thank you for answering so quickly it shows me alot tht you care about your ppl on this site Smile I didnt mean for the question to sound offensive in any way thank you for your time
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