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Next saturday (27th) will be a real busy day for me. I will be attending 2 birthday parties. My girlfriend's friend is having one early in the day for her son and then my brother in law will be having his later that day at my house (surprise party Very Happy ). Also around 7pm est the UFC 134 things start coming on such as the countdown and the prelims and everyone will be watching it as well as the PPV at 9pm so there is no way I can do the stream.

Solution: we can do the Bushido 35 and SC 12 streams the next day (sunday 28th). If you can make the broadcast just show up on sunday same time (7pm est). If you cant make it then get your fight in early and report it. Sorry guys.
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take care of home k!lla Wink man you got a busy day, dangit was gonna invite you to my bday that weekend since my bday that monday, Laughing hopefully we can find someone to do it, if not hopefully more will be okay with it Sunday

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I'm going to test my setup tonight and will let you know if I can record (I'm sure I can cause now I have my camera but I want to use my capture card if I can).

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