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I'm new to all of this, so I need to understand how this works. I'll read over the rules and shizzle and I'll see what I know and don't really understand from it.

But for now, I can only see one little issue.

I live in the UK, meaning my timezone to say America is 5 hours ahead. Now for the live broadcasts, I would need to be up at around 12:50am the next day, just so I can watch/participate in it.

Maybe it's a misunderstanding? I don't know, but it may cause to be an issue as I don't want to stay up so late just to be part of a show. You may have to empathise with me here.

Any way around this fellas?
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I do the streams and thats the only time I can do them. If you cant make the broadcast put "NO" after the question "Can you make the broadcast" on the sign ups. You will still get a fight. You'll just have to contact your opponent and agree on a time to fight sometime during the week then report it. if I'm online when you fight I'll record it for you. Getting the fight in is what matters. The broadcast is optional.
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Oh okay. So if you can't record it, then would it mean that my fight won't be on the broadcast?

Thanks. Smile
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No your fight wont be on the broadcast but it will be on the site for ppl to watch later
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Ohhh, alright. Just read that a third time and got what you meant.
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