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1Rick Bowman Empty Rick Bowman on 5/30/2011, 7:04 pm

Fighter Info

Rick "Big Daddy" Bowman
Age: 25
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 236lbs
Record: 9-7
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Camp: Wasp Nest
Gamertag: o 2Good2BTru3 o
Contract: 1 fight left
Specialty: Boxing
Stand Up Rating: 85
Clinch Rating: 84
Ground Rating: 88
Submission Rating: 37
Health Rating: 95


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2Rick Bowman Empty Re: Rick Bowman on 5/30/2011, 7:04 pm

Fight History

WinJaimie Ranallo1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 23 "Lethal Intent"View
WinArnold Schwarzenegger1stKnockoutBushido 24 "Relentless"View
LossJoel Patin1stSubmissionBushido 25 "No Talk All Action"N/A
WinRoger Ferguson1stKnockoutBushido 26 "Out for Blood"View
WinJoel Patin1stKnockoutBushido 27 "No Retreat"View
LossArnold Schwarzenegger1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 28 "Ready for War"View
LossAntonio Dorsey1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 31 "Destiny"View
WinRoger Ferguson1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 33 "Unbreakable""View
WinJoel Patin1stKnockoutBushido 35 "To the Death"View
LossJaimie Rananllo1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 40 "Vendetta"View
WinJoel Patin1stKnockoutBushido 43 "Ranallo vs James"View
LossJaimie Ranallo1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 46 "Ranallo vs Bowman"View
WinDan Woods1stKnockoutBushido 48 "Silva vs Thomas"View
LossBo Kassimatis1stKnockoutBushido 54 "Silva vs Kang II"View
WinArnold Schwarzenegger1stKnockoutBushido 55 "Sensou"View
LossTom Angus1stUnanimous DecisionBushido 57 "Ranallo vs Woods"View

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