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1Melvin Guilard Empty Melvin Guilard on 5/22/2011, 8:59 pm

Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155lbs
Record: 8-6
Hometown: New Orleans,  Louisiana
Camp: Wasp Nest
Gamertag: o 2Good2BTru3 o
Contract: 3 fights left
Specialty: Boxing
Stand Up Rating: 80
Clinch Rating: 83
Ground Rating: 88
Submission Rating: 33
Health Rating: 92

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2Melvin Guilard Empty Re: Melvin Guilard on 5/22/2011, 8:59 pm

WinVinny Castro-KnockoutUC 3 "Anything Goes"View
LossCaesar Wilson-SubmissionUC 5 "Mayhem Ensues"View
WinVinny Castro-Unanimous DecisionUC 6 "Pain for Pride"View
LossCaesar Wilson-SubmissionUC 7 "Tap or Snap"View
WinVinny Castro-KnockoutUC 8 "Neverending Aggression"View
WinJason Mewes-KnockoutUC 9 "Capital Carnage"View
WinJose Aldo-Techncial KnockoutBushido 32 "Silva vs Burns II"View
WinJason Mewes-KnockoutUC 12 "Road to Victory"View
LossCaesar Wilson-SubmissionUC 13 "To Battle Grounds"View
LossReggie Brooks-KnockoutUC 15 "Survival"View
LossCory Lane-SubmissionUC 20 "Jones vs Little"View
WinCory Lane-Technical KnockoutUC 22 "Lane vs Yamaguchi"View
WinRon Tanner-Technical KnockoutUC 23 "Jones vs Jones"View
LossConnor Cathcart-Technical KnockoutUC 31 "Noone vs Murder"View

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