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1 EA SPORT's Fight Night Champion on 4/12/2011, 10:37 pm

So guys I just purchased Fight Night Champion this weekend. After 3 days of playing I decided to write a review for my fellow OMMAers.

My overall impression of this game, great fighting game for any fighting fan. I respect boxing, I do not watch it but have huge amount of respect for the sport. Boxing of course is one of the many tools you need for MMA so I decided to give it a shot

So this year in Fight Night not only is the game rated "M" for blood, vocabulary and so much more. They totally revamped the controls. Adding a new control system call Full Spectrum Control. Basically they took the Quarter turns, and stuff and replace them with simple inputs for the RS. I love it. I hope they decided to add this control system to EA MMA 2, it would work great and would even make the need to eliminate the need for buttons as it is basically the same. I can tell no difference between Buttons and Sticks. For Controls I give it a 10/10 they really nailed it here and enjoy being able to control my counters and power punches when needed. No More Loading up for a power punch any more.

The Gameplay is like any fight game. Avoid getting hit. They also took the need to load up for haymaker or power punches and instead added a power modifier with the LB button. Now they did make it take more stanmia for course to throw these punches, so low your sta the weaker and slower your punches. Striking is simple and you almost have total control of it. Great gameplay and fun. Nothing like catching a guy with an over hand right and watching them going to sleep. I give it a 9.5/10 they could have done more to make it feel more real in some parts of the game.

The Career mode has a new added element to it. This year they added a story mode called Champion Mode where you fight as a up and comer MW Andre Bishop. You eventually get set up by a dirty promoter and get sent to jail. You do some bare knuckle boxing and Fuck the shit out of some White Supremacist douche bags, its rather awesome. At the end of the term Mr.Bishop is badass HW now. You gotta get the game to find out what happens after. They of course still have the original career mode, Legacy Mode. I like this the best. Even though early off most of your fights will go to dec. 4 to 10 rds of just no causing any damage to your opponent. Later on in your career around fights 7-8 your guy, if you build him right, should start KOing people in the middle to late rds. The career mode is very challenging is actually takes some skill to. Training is time intensive and takes about 6 to 10 minutes to get to fight. Compared to EA MMA it makes EA MMA look like childs play. I give it a 8/10. The time you need to put in to gain XP for your fighter, and also minor down falls like setting a spar with a champ the week before your fight, makes you really think are you serious!!!

Graphics. Just one word BEAUTIFUL. Beating up a guy and watching there face Swell up and gush blood this is why we fight. 10/10 best graphics I have seen out of any sport game or any game Fight Night always delivers.

Overall Grade. 9.5/10. It is highly addicting just like EA MMA. If more members of OMMA decided to get this game I will open a gym up for our selves and we will challenge the Fight Night Community and take it by storm. MMAers coming to boxing!!!.. Leave comments if you have the game and how you feel about it.
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2 Re: EA SPORT's Fight Night Champion on 4/13/2011, 8:04 am

I bought the game when it came out, great game.

I wouldnt recommend the online play though, its fucking wack.

Too many jab/body/perfect block spammers AND they removed the one punch KO, seriously?

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3 Re: EA SPORT's Fight Night Champion on 4/13/2011, 8:51 am

I loved FN2, and 3, more so 2 but anyway.

It was awesome walking around like dan henderson with the haymaker winded up.

Fn4 with no parry or no way to hold the haymaker.. well I put my time in and fn4 was great because it was smoother, had great collision and KO animations, In fact I played it on line recently as there is still more fights I hope to win.

With FN5, I hear the story is great(but linear) and the boxing is very solid.. my fear though is, after putting in some much in mma in all aspects, not sure I want to go back to just boxing. People spamming punches to body,etc and there is no way to escape like mma where you could go for the clinch or ground.

I was interested in fn5 but ea:mma has filled that void and I may not even pick it up when it hits the bargin bin way down the road...

Great review though, ele25. thanks for posting because I was curious what an mma'er would feel on it.

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4 Re: EA SPORT's Fight Night Champion on 4/13/2011, 11:54 am

I havent played it online as of yet. But I know I am a body/counter puncher. You mistake I going to wail you in the body this does pay of in the later rounds as it gets easier to get a KO. Body Spamming is not as strong as it is in EA MMA actually. It is easy to get get out of. I just side step and step back. I will have to play online but from my perspective great game to have and play with friends who want to play for the realism and just have fun.

I only played a few matches online. ANd always got KOd in One Shot. Always Power Spammers I will call them.. I rather just play with friends who want to have fun like I do with EA MMA. Online Record doesnt matter any more to me...

I say rent before buying if you do think about getting Droges to see if you enjoy. I like it alot.

My favorite sport games now are EA MMA, FIFA 11, and FNC. Fuck Madden and NCAA. lol.

If you get it or have it hit me up on live my GT is LostLoverBear.

A Champion faces Adversity and wins. They love to face adversity. As it proves that they are the champion. They look forward to facing adversity every time they fight so they can overcome it and become stronger.
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