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We need champs. So I am wondering is there any plans in the near-NEAR future for championship fights? We have had a lot of contender fights, we need to now start crowning champions.

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When are you guys crowning champions? Pbucket

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Fihlo and Nawara, as well as Silva and Thomas, were supposed to have title fights at Bushido 6. However, since they missed the fights, and taz has now left for 5 months, that puts therm on hold. As for WW, HW, and LW, Im unsure.
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Silva and Filho will just have to wait until there is a legitimate contender to fight for the title. The other weightclasses will continue as they were. As soon as there are 2 clear contenders in each weightclass they will fight for the title. I dont see how Taz leaving confuses you guys. All it did was mean no title fights with Silva and Filho.
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Alright then, that's fine. Are there any particular contenders in each weightclass?
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