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1 career Vs create a fighter point on 1/11/2011, 2:54 pm


wen we make a fighter, we need to make a fighter that we can all can be proud of...with NO LIMIT's...cause even if we make a career fighter...he won't be stronger then a regular fighter...even on broadcast live...there fighters has no limits to how u can make a fighter...--WHY DONT WE HAVE A VOTE BOSS--on career or insta CAF cheers

2 Re: career Vs create a fighter point on 1/11/2011, 4:54 pm

Uh... this was discussed last week as well, and there already is going to be a vote on it, but for the most part no one seems to care what type of fighter people use.

There is a ruling about it, stating; Insta-Cafs only, but Wilson Fisk already said he doesn't really care, if we the league have no problems with Insta and Career cafs.

So right now, I believe you can use either, until something is stated by the bossman, but everyone seems happy using either. So Career and Insta's might stick.

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3 Re: career Vs create a fighter point on 1/11/2011, 4:56 pm

Oh and I'm moving this to the correct section.
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